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Le Jardin Naturel is made up of a botanical trail and an artisanal nursery.
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Vue vers mer
View of the coast of St Leu


Important warning: We are not looking for the 'spectacular' or 'exuberant' side, but rather information, visitor awareness of everything that makes up the natural environment and the adaptation of species to the natural conditions of this very dry region of the Reunion Island. Le Jardin Naturel does not claim to be a landscaped garden!

The first part - about one half of the circuit - is a path through the natural environment of this dry region of our island. Explanations are given about the composition of the natural environment, its history and the upheavals that have occurred since the arrival of man on the island, around 3 centuries ago.

The second half of the circuit - with a more 'landscape' aspect - is devoted to Dry Zone Plants, Succulent Plants mainly originating from the Indian Ocean area, Madagascar, Africa.

On this second part are planted species adapted to the natural conditions of this dry zone of the island, among which Baobabs of Madagascar, Pachypodiums and other succulents species mainly from Madagascar and Africa, Desert Roses as well as an important collection of Frangipani (more than 500 varieties).

At the top of the Tower (made of carved stones), visitors have access to a beautiful panoramic view of the garden and the entire coast of Saint-Leu.
Visitors can also take advantage of our kiosk with a panoramic view where we offer drinks and light meals.

La Tour & Dorstenia gigas
The Tower & Dorstenia gigas


The kiosk overlooking the garden with a breathtaking panoramic view has a snack bar where you can sit at a table and enjoy light meals (breakfast, Creole plate, hot and cold drinks, etc.)

Kiosk of Le Jardin Naturel
View from the kiosk
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Desert Roses and Pachypodiums
Desert Roses and Pachypodiums

Visiting Le Jardin Naturel


Unguided visit, but free and digitally assisted on mobile phone. All the information concerning your visit is accessible with your mobile phone on the interface that will be presented to you: maps, explanatory terminals with audio, names and info sheets of the plants on the route, photos, etc.
For your comfort, it is advisable to have protection against mosquitoes and the sun, and good walking shoes.

The Garden is not a playground, and contains dangerous plants (thorns, corrosive latex, etc.) and rockeries on which it is forbidden to climb. Children must always be with their parents or guardians and under their close supervision.
We disclaim all liability in the event of an accident.

For safety and phytosanitary reasons, our animal friends are unfortunately not accepted on the site. Thank you for your understanding.

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According to the availability of the day, the number of simultaneous visitors being limited. Before you come, please request a reservation by clicking one of the buttons below - Complete the form indicating name, number of visitors, desired arrival time (among the indicated time slots), and your mobile phone number (in order to receive our confirmation by sms)
Without confirmation from us, it is useless to move!
Thank you for your understanding.

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Sunset sur Pachypodiums
Sunset through Pachypodiums


Le Jardin Naturel
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Le Jardin Naturel is located in the area of Saint Leu (south-west of the island) a bit above the interchange 'Colimaçons - Chaloupe St Leu - Souris Chaude' on the 'Route Des Tamarins'.
It is very easy to get there from the 'Route Des Tamarins':
- Exit at the 'Colimaçons - Chaloupe St Leu - Souris Chaude' interchange on the Route des Tamarins
- Go up about 1km200 to the black sign 'Le Jardin Naturel'
- Just after the sign, turn right (sea side) and go down the small path for about 100m to the green gate at the bottom left.
- If you have made an appointment with us, call us on 0692435960, then we will open the gate and welcome you.
- Thank you !

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