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Cinnamomum verum
[Cinnamomum zeylanicum]

' Sri Lanka Cinnamon, True Cinnamon '

[ Lauraceae ]
[ Sri Lanka ]
The cinnamon tree can reach 50 ft in height, but on plantations are trained into bushes of 6-8 ft. The leaves are fragrant (they are often used to impart a cinnamon flavor to tea, for example). The cinnamon tree "drinks" a large amount of water. In its natural habitat, more than 6 ft of rain fall annually. The flowers are very small. Cinnamon tree can be easily grown as an exotic container plant, or planted in ground in areas with frost free climate. Fresh leaves may be added to tea. Enjoy the aroma of this of this tropical plant collection gem!

Cinnamomum verum

Plant 25-30cm : Out of Stock

Tree . Fruiting plant . Plant which can be grown as a Bonsai . Plant which produce fragrant flowers .

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