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Plumeria obtusa
[X* Singapore, Khao Puang, Evergreen Singapore White, Singapore Obtusa , Singapore White]

' Frangipani '

[ Apocynaceae ]

An open pollinated plant. Seeds from this plant have produced many different named cultivars. Large white, slight yellow eye. Prolific bloomer. Very glossy, dark, rounded evergreen leaves. No pink or red bands on front or back; petal wide, round tip, no overlapping, no color bands; moderate texture; 3 1/2"; very fragrant lemon, bitter lemon white flowers. Flowers whose waxy surface along with the bright buttery-yellow center is quite a nice contrast to the dark green and glossy leaves. Among the most fragrant plumeria and is easily recognized by its glossy, very rigid and dark green leaves. Evergreen in the tropics and frequently blooming while other plumeria are dormant. Difficult to root. Likes dry conditions. As a tree it is more compact and much more densely foliated and P rubra. The name Singapore Plumeria was applied to Plumeria obtusa when it was introduced into Hawaii from Singapore in 1931 by Harold Lyon.

Plumeria obtusa

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Flowering plant . Plant which produce fragrant flowers .

Temperature during winter
Watering during automn-winter
Watering during hot season
Fertilizer during growth

1 soil + 2 humus

Indoor during winter temperature min. 17C


Rarely ( when the substrate is dry )

Regularly but without excess, and especialy during summer

Regularly but with spacing
No pruning
Repot every year if possible

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