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Plumeria rubra VERA CRUZ ROSE
[B*Vera Cruz Rose]

[ Apocynaceae ]
[ Thailand ]
Large flowers 3.5 -4 (7,5-10cm) in huge clusters of 30 -50 flowers per bunch. Rainbow swirls of red/rose on the edges of the petal, creamy yellow center. One of the most
fragrant of all plumeria. The flower smells just like a rose. The fragrance is so powerful that you can smell it from anywhere in the garden on a warm
balmy evening. The flower is 4 inches across and is canary colored with a beautiful red band on the front and back of the petals.
Plumeria rubra VERA CRUZ ROSE

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Plant (rooted cutting) 25-30cm :
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Flowering plant . Plant which produce fragrant flowers .

Temperature during winter
Watering during automn-winter
Watering during hot season
Fertilizer during growth

2 gravel + 1 soil + 1 humus

Indoor during winter temperature min. from 11 to 16C


Rarely ( when the substrate is dry )

Regularly and abundantly, but avoid that the water traverse the pot

Regularly but with spacing
No pruning
Repot every year if possible

Saint Leu - Reunion

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