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Plumeria rubra POPS RED
[ Apocynaceae ]
[ Hawai ]
4-4.5 inch rich red flowers with white spotted tip, deep coloration, and big cluster of blossoms. Dark red color under hot tropical conditions. Keeping quality is top notch, excellent for lei making. Fragrance is awesome with its spicy sweet scent. Texture is thick and velvety. Tree will get large with age and grows fast. Pop's Red was discovered on Oahu Island (or Big island) while plumeria hunting in the mid 1990s while a preacher was cutting up his plumeria tree in his front yard. He was moving his plumeria tree. Noticing that it was spectacular, and asked him what do you call it? After further prodding, he said it was called Pop's, a nickname given to him while he served on City Council in Oahu.
Plumeria rubra POPS RED

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Cutting 20-25cm : Out of Stock

Plant (rooted cutting) 25-30cm : Out of Stock

Flowering plant . Plant which produce fragrant flowers .

Temperature during winter
Watering during automn-winter
Watering during hot season
Fertilizer during growth

2 gravel + 1 soil + 1 humus

Indoor during winter temperature min. from 11 to 16C


Rarely ( when the substrate is dry )

Regularly and abundantly, but avoid that the water traverse the pot

Regularly but with spacing
No pruning
Repot every year if possible

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