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Plumeria rubra MADAME PONI
[X* Corkscrew, Curly Holt, Waianae Beauty, Star, Ponytail , Waianea Beauty, Pony Tail]

[ Apocynaceae ]

Petal narrow, tapering tip, no overlapping. strong red band on back, twist usually running length of petal. Good texture. Keeping quality good. A rainbow colored flower that has uniquely twisted long narrow petals. Wide greenish-yellow band (with dark red striping) fading to white, yellow center, strong red band on back, tendency to fade, long narrow petals twisting incurving and upturned, tapered pointed tips, 3,5" diameter, slight sweet fragrance. Spectacular Flower. Medium compact tree.

Plumeria rubra MADAME PONI

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Plant (rooted cutting) 20-25cm :
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Flowering plant . Plant which produce fragrant flowers .

Temperature during winter
Watering during automn-winter
Watering during hot season
Fertilizer during growth

2 gravel + 1 soil + 1 humus

Indoor during winter temperature min. from 11 to 16C


Rarely ( when the substrate is dry )

Regularly and abundantly, but avoid that the water traverse the pot

Regularly but with spacing
No pruning
Repot every year if possible

Saint Leu - Reunion

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