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Plumeria rubra J105
[X* New Shocking, Josie, Norma Christina, Norma, Lampang Symphony]

[ Apocynaceae ]
[ Thailand ]
2.5" to 3.0" wide open, flat and uniquely colored flowers of good substance. Petals heavily overlapping, white with purple and
golden-brown, turning to orange at center. Fragrance: sweet, medium, Leaves: medium to dark green, wider towards tip. Unique coloration makes this
unusual Plumeria interesting. overlapping, white with dark pink or red area, turning to yellow and orange towards base. Fragrance: sweet, faint to
medium Leaves: medium green, broad elliptical with pointed tip. Compact growth habit. Shiny, rounded leaves and beautiful, scented flowers, not to
mention a semi-compact growth habit and excellent blooming performance. Creamy White Petals with Red - Purple edges and orange center. Flowers
are fragrant peachy

Plumeria rubra J105

Seeds (3) :
3.99 €

Cutting 20-25cm :
19.95 €

Plant (rooted cutting) 20-30cm :
26.6 €

Flowering plant . Plant which produce fragrant flowers .

Temperature during winter
Watering during automn-winter
Watering during hot season
Fertilizer during growth

2 gravel + 1 soil + 1 humus

Indoor during winter temperature min. from 11 to 16C


Rarely ( when the substrate is dry )

Regularly and abundantly, but avoid that the water traverse the pot

Regularly but with spacing
No pruning
Repot every year if possible

Saint Leu - Reunion

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